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"The Spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways;
an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world’s distant outposts;
a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.”
— Fielding Yost

        Spring Game.... Offense clearly still struggling but there is hope that the defense has continued to improve and could carry the team thru the early part of the season. Won't truly get a good idea of our strengths and weaknesses until the new players join the squad in the fall, including an experienced QB. But it was great to get out in a decent spring day to watch some football. Check out the pics on the photo page.

        Wrapping Up Winter.... The winter seasons haven't exactly gone the way we would have liked but hope springs eternal. The well covered return of the prodigal son to return the football team to glory has everyone looking forward to the spring football game. And while the basketball team has struggled to keep above 500, quite few freshman are getting playing experience which should make for improvements in coming seasons as injured upper classmen return. The hockey team, also very young, has their NCAA fates in their hands as the regular season winds down. As we curse this never-ending winter, we can look forward to the spring and especially the softball team which is cranking on all comers.

        Just Like The Other Thing.... One disappointing game after another. While everyone is playing the guessing game as to our next football coach, I've been trying to find solace in the the winter sports season with no better outcome, so far. A young but talented and highly ranked hockey team has stumbled out of the blocks and is once again heading into the holiday break looking up at the NCAAs at the end of the season. And while everyone recognized that the basketball team lost quite a bit of talent which has again been replaced with freshmen, the recent losing streak has left the diehard downright suicidal. But its the holidays and we're supposed to have lifted spirits as we look forward to hosting unappreciative family and family arguments. Here is hoping the turn of the calendar brings at least a change in luck and excitement across Wolverine nation. Go Blue!! Bah humbug!

        Yeah We Won.... But those were a couple of ugly games. And this last weekend in Evanston may have been the worst game I have ever sat thru. Both offenses were pathetic and without direction. It is incredible how the Wolverine offense has digressed over the last two seasons. We have a receiver who seems to be uninterested in competently playing the game and a quarterback that seems afraid to make plays. At NW, the pocket had broken down but Gardner had a clear path for at least ten yards maybe more if he avoids one player. The entire Michigan section is yelling run but instead he chose to throw the ball away. The young running backs continue to ignore the blockers in front of them and try to carve their own path. That lack of improvement is all on the coaches. So we have two games left with one at home followed by a trip to Ohio. I would love nothing more than for Gardner to go out on senior day with the best game of his career. But I feel he needs to shake some psychological cobwebs if that is ever going to happen.

        Nothing To Say.... In case you came here looking for a write up, I got nothin' good to say. The athletic program is in shambles and run by a clueless tyrant.

        Don't Be Stubborn.... If our coaches follow the rhetoric from the last two weeks and insist on trying to pound the ball thru the line, we are in for a long day. This is the game we have to try something different even if simply to show you aren't satisfied with the direction our Wolverines are taking. Roll Devin left, roll Devin right and throw 50 times. Then lets see what our defense can do to get us the ball more than just on kickoffs. BTW, the picture page is now all caught up. Go Blue!! A-maize me!!

        Bleeding Stopped.... Its only one game but at least it stopped the losing streak. And if the defense would have played this way the last couple of weeks, we may not have had a losing streak. But I still can't figure out how our offense can be so stale. Our Wolverines had way too many punts because we just couldn't muster any drives. The coaches need to figure out something different to move the ball down the field or we're going to have a game where our defense is going to get worn down. But time to heal some wounds and for me to take some time to inventory the tailgate stock. See you in a couple of weeks. Go Blue!!

        Still Here.... People have been wondering if I'm still around with the lack of updates to this website. I'm still around and kicking but it has become increasingly difficult to write anything worthwhile let alone constructive about this season. We continue to make the same mistakes game after game (10 guys on punt coverage) and continue to fail against inferior competition. These are not very good football teams we keep losing to. So maybe I should focus more on the tailgates and we got an extended one coming up on Saturday. A full day of meals along with relaxed watching of football games beaming thru the tailgate trailer. Its our annual Pork-A-Palooza and Scott is already dreaming of the smell of bacon cooking all day at the tailgate. So come on out plenty early since it will give us all a chance to really converse about hot topics and life in general. And never lose the faith....Go Blue!!

        Awful.... Awful game, awful day, awful weekend. The team appears to be lost as I can't even figure out what they are trying to do. Two losses and in neither game did the offense get into the red zone. We had to sit thru that mess and then the sky opened up to drench us all as well as the tailgate lots. Ended up damaging the tailgate trailer and putting away wet equipment. The rain kept coming on Sunday causing me to take twice as long to try and clean everything up. But on to the B1G schedule and I am mystified how we can be a touchdown favorite over the Gophers. Awful weekend, awful week. Its gotta get better, right? Go Blue!!

        Still Not Impressed.... The final score belies the fact that our Wolverines were tied at ten with a team that hasn't won a game in almost two years. While the yardage totals indicated a dominating performance, far too many first half turnovers allowed Miami to stay close. Add in the continued problems with run blocking and frustrating play calling and you have recipe for disaster againts opponents with more talent. And more talent we will face starting with a Utah team that is averaging 50+ points a game so far this season followed by the B1G schedule. This week will be a good test for the defense to determine exactly what they are. Are they the defense that can't cover the short slant ins we saw in South Bend or can they bring pressure on the QB to prevent big plays. Another late afternoon kickoff this week so plenty of time to come out and tailgate.

        Pick A Word.... Frustrating. Embarrassing. Ridiculous. Disappointing. Absurd. Sad. Any one of those terms can describe what happened in South Bend. The roadtrip boys got to sit thru it from the top of a stadium that has no replay screens so it was difficult to determine who was at fault. From our perspective, it appeared to be a team effort to lay this major egg in the last game between these two programs. A secondary we thought was a strength got repeatedly burned on quick passes. Watching the offense at times, especially in the second half when we had no urgency to get back into the game, I kept looking for Borges on the sidelines. Down multiple touchdowns and still trying to establish an inside run game. But lucky us, now we get back to the sucky parts of our schedule with a late game against a team that hasn't won a game in nearly two years. See you out there.

        Nothing Game.... While the defense showed a more aggressive style and the offense showed it has some weapons, the game overall wasn't very exciting. It was a game nobody wanted to see on our schedule but we all came away with some sense of relief. Still not convinced our offensive line can push a more talented team around since it did seem that App State was able to stuff some of our runs. The big gains by the tandem running backs skewed some of the rushing stats. However, it certainly looks like the pass attack could be a valuable weapon. If the coaches don't get stubborn at times and insist on running the ball when the defense is stacked against it, we should be able move the ball down the field. On defense, I couldn't be happier with the new aggressive style. Defensive backs on the line of scrimmage and allowing no separation at all. Now we'll just have to see how we do against a mobile QB this week down in South Bend. If you're going, come out and find us. It is our annual RV road trip.

        Lets Go.... Here it is, the first game of the season although the choice of opponents couldn't be more ridiculous. In a season full of lackluster home games, this opener is just plain stupid. Although this isn't the perennial national champion App State from the previous decade, this team has no business on our schedule. But we'll head out for the first tailgate of the year hoping the weatherman is wrong with his predictions for Saturday, grill some meat, consume a few too many beverages while reacquainting ourselves with individuals we have not seen in several months. Plenty of hope and concern coming out of fall camp. Those in the know have reported that the starting offensive line has had trouble blocking the second string D-line. The running backs are reported to be bigger, stronger and faster so maybe they'll get thru the tiny holes created by the line. In my mind, the number one priority of the line is to ensure Devin Gardner doesn't get killed every week. Give Devin some time to make plays and he'll make some big ones. The one constant coming out of practices is that the defense is the best we have had in a decade AND playing a press on the corners (did they hear my screaming all these years)!! It would be nice to feel some big hits that shutdown our opponents. But that is all for later in the day on Saturday. Come on out early for this first tailgate and enjoy the good company, good conversation and good food. Go Blue!!

        Game Week.... Time for football! Game week and the tailgate trailer is cleaned up and getting ready for the first tailgate of the season. Not a lot of good news coming out of the scrimmages as it appears the offensive line continues to struggle. Hopefully we can work things out during the non-conference game and knock off our rivals in the B1G. Come out early to enjoy game day atmosphere as we fire up the grill. Go Blue!!!!

        Football Season Is Almost Here.... Heading into August which in the last couple of years has held the opener for the Wolverines. The Tailgate Trailer will soon be in the driveway for some pampering and upgrades. Come back for more regular updates as the month and season progresses! Go Blue!!!


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