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"The Spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways;
an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world’s distant outposts;
a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.”
— Fielding Yost

        Quiet Time.... Kind of between seasons with the spring athletic season a bit past the midpoint. Softball is kicking ass but the baseball team not so much. Not a whole lot of happy news came out of the other seasons as the football team showed some real problems during the spring game and the men's basketball team lost a couple of key cogs. Lets hope the ladies can brighten our Wolverine spirits with a long run in the NCAA tournament. In the meantime, it looks like spring has finally sprung here in Michigan so lets hope all things Wolverine will be in an upswing for the coming months. Go Blue!!

        Champs.... I feel so good for Jordan Morgan. He epitomizes what it means to be a Michigan Man. He could have left after last year with the prospect of playing behind McGary and joined a program where he knew he would start. But he came back and literally breaks his butt to make the little plays that lead to the big wins. Our Wolverines are now B1G champs all by themselves and we can have quite the celebration on Saturday for the last regular season game. Then it is off to Indy as the #1 seed where I would love to personally witness a double championship. If your going, give me a holler and maybe we can tilt back a cold one together. Go Blue!!!!

        Still Got Work.... Although the Crisler crowd seemed oblivious to it on Saturday, our Wolverines clinched at least a tie for the B1G by beating a scrappy Minnesota team fighting for its tournament life. Michigan was never quite able to pull away until the very end but came away with the home victory. Now with two more regular season games remaining, the Wolverines need to secure the outright championship ASAP by beating Illinois. No need to save it for the final home game, lets just wrap it up and then enjoy the final game on Senior Night. Go Blue!!

        Bloody Sundays.... Our Wolverines have fallen flat on their faces the past three Sundays so maybe they should stay home on Saturday night this week. The last three weekend games have been simply awful with listless performances resulting in big holes to dig out of. Michigan is still atop the B1G standings but the angry midget is coming to town with "the worst series of injuries any basketball team has had to endure since the mounting of the first peach basket on a pole". We need to play much better this weekend and be ready from the opening tip. Sparty is looking for revenge and the inside lane to the B1G championship. With Michigan's remaining schedule, this is a supreme opportunity to put our Wolverines in the driver's seat.

        Sweep.... The Wolverines took care of business over the last few days pulling off a sweep across several sports. The Michigan wrestling team annihilated msu after winning some big matches the previous weekend. The hockey team took two games from sparty including a chippy thumping up in East Lansing. But the icing was an exciting win by the basketball team on sparty's home court. Before this last week began, I would have been happy with winning two of the three games but nothing felt better than watching Stauskas kissing off the quiet izzone crowd at the end of the game. Once again I felt like throwing something thru the TV as Dickie V kept making excuses for msu because they were without their big man and another key player who couldn't play because he punched a wall, rarely acknowledging the Wolverines were without their All-American center.

        Now This Is Fun.... You may have noticed that this site has been awfully quiet over the past weeks. The complete digression of the football team as the season wore on felt like no other season in my memory. Sure the football team had worse records over the past few years but there was hope and signs of improvement in even those sub-five hundred teams. Then basketball didn't have the best beginning to the season but has really turned up the volume since the beginning of the New Year. 2013 could not have ended quick enough and the flip of the calendar has improved the hope (Borges gone!) and excitement of Wolverine fans. A three game sweep over msu in the next three days would just make my January!! Go Blue!!

        Worser and Worser.... Could this have been any worse? Our Wolverines barely end up over five hundred, are going to a crappy bowl game that will be played in the middle of the night and the diarrhea mouth fans are making plans for Southern California. Burn more couches! Not much has gone right this season but the most frustrating aspect of the season was watching a clearly capable and potent offense flounder because of the stubbornness of the coaches. This team never was provided  clear direction and, as a result, tinkered with gimmicks that ever worked. When the reigns were freed, the offense could move up and down the field. So this off-season we get to find out what it has felt like to be a msu fan all these years making plans to watch a meaningless pre-New Year bowl game against a team that wears purple uniforms while waiting the meat of the basketball season. Oh yeah, their unranked also!! Signed, Really Blue!!

        Consistent Inconsistency.... In the last two games, the Michigan defense has given up nearly 100 points. The offense can't seem to find an identity, trying vainly to smash the ball against a seven man front one week then going back to read option plays the next. But the defense has to be the greatest concern giving up RichRod type of points. With a bye week, the coaches need to teach defensive backs to turn around and look for the football and the defensive line how to create true pressure without blitz help. The entire team needs to realize they have, by far, their toughest five games on the schedule, three on the road. Everything needs to get better.

        They Promised We Would Be Better.... Don't fool yourselves, we have played a lot of very bad teams so far one of which fired their coach a third of the way thru the season. Tough road test this weekend as we head to Happy Valley will give us a better indication of our Wolverines chances come November. But their is plenty to fret about as we gave up way too many yards and points to the Gophers. No turnovers for the first time in several years is a great improvement as I have been telling everyone that will listen that that was a key to our improvement. But the running game is still struggling and the Michigan receivers bailed out Devin on several occasions on poorly thrown balls. The defense seems to be content with playing soft to prevent big plays but if you were ever going to try a jamming tight defense, it was against the Gophers. The Brown Jug is once again at home and we are 5 and oh. Lets go to State College and lay an impressive win over PSU in front of a national audience.

        Two Bad Weeks.... Please tell me we were hungover from the ND game and looking ahead to the B1G season. That can be the only way to explain the last two games. Poor showings against really bad opponents. The most troublesome aspect of these games is the ineffectiveness of the offensive and defensive lines. Both were expected to be vastly improved. The interior of the offensive line seems to have no idea how to pick up inside blitzes. The inside running game gets stuffed time after time causing us to lead all major programs in plays for loss. Some of this I blame on the offensive play calling which does not have a true scheme. On the defensive side, with the soft coverage we continue to play the defensive line has to get at the QB. However, it seems we can only get pressure when we blitz leaving us even more vulnerable. But we got thru the non-conference schedule undefeated and head into our first bye week with plenty to prepare for before opening up B1G play. Hopefully the Wolverines find their comfort zone and begin to play with a true purpose over the next two months.

        The Horror 0.5.... Almost. Almost another screw up to a bad team. A horrible game without explanation.

        Long Day With A Happy Ending.... As the sun set on the day long tailgate, the excitement of our second night game washed across the crowd. Methodically, the Wolverines built a lead with well timed pass plays and a good mix of play calling. Devin and company were able to avoid relentless pursuit by ND's front to avoid mistakes early in the game. They maintained the lead late into the game and then when everyone was thinking Michigan has this in the bag if they just avoid a stupid mistake, we see the most inexplicable bad pass giving ND an easy touchdown and the belief they can come back. But the boys held their own and once again built a two score lead to secure the win. On the defensive side, a don't break philosophy gave up considerable yardage bur avoided the big plays. In the end, everyone danced to the chicken dance song well into the night and early Sunday morning. Not yet fully recovered, we prepare for an early game, a shorter tailgating session and our annual Après Tailgate. See you there!

        Good Opener.... Although, after watching a replay of the game, we weren't as dominant as the final score indicated, the opening win was a great way to start. Plenty of mistakes to correct but we were able to move the ball with some ease. The offensive line missed some blocks but with such a young interior line, they will only get better each week. It was great to have deep rotation of defensive players which will allow us to be consistently aggressive. Overall a good start that we can improve on. Now we look forward to the day long tailgate and the game under the lights against Notre Dame. Should once again be an electric atmosphere but I'm not sure my heart could take another finish like two years ago.

        Football Season Is Here.... It is game week and the excitement is mounting. The Tailgate Trailer is in the driveway and being prepped for its first full season out in front of Pioneer. The players are in game week mode and I believe we will have much improved lines on both sides of the ball. Devin has a full grasp of the offense and the coaches have fully installed the schemes they are most comfortable with. In the meantime, lots to do to prepare for Saturday so hope to see you all out at the tailgate bright and early!!! Go Blue!!!

        We've Moved....  If you are still looking for us at Ann Arbor Golf & Outing. you need to get up to date and check out the maps found elsewhere in this website. After some searching, we settled on a reserved spot at Pioneer. Updated maps and directions can be found in the Tailgatin' section.

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