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"The Spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways;
an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world’s distant outposts;
a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.”
— Fielding Yost

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        Well That Didn't Go The Way We Planned.... Losing three of the last four games wasn't how we saw this season ending so there certainly a level of disappointment to the football season. But this was only year two in the Harbaugh era and only a handful of his recruits had any impact. By all indications we have another upper echelon recruiting class coming in so the best is yet to come. Now if we can just get our basketball and hockey teams back on track.

        Bowl Game Celebration.... Lets put the last few weeks behind us. We didn't get to Indianapolis and we're out of the CFP. But we had a very good season, with many great ones to come. So why not have one more Garsworld tailgate and then watch our Wolverines win their last game of 2016. We'll fire up the grill, share some good food and good drink, chat up the holidays and then root on the Boys in Blue!! Kickoff is at eight so lets get the tailgate started at 3pm at the Zarins tailgate homestead. Enjoy your Christmas and then Lets Go Blue!!!

        Sucky Week.... The week started out like crap and never got better. We knew it would be a tough atmosphere as Iowa City is never kind to us. But quite basically, half the team didn't come out to play. Numerous mistakes on the road resulted in the first loss of the season. Now we come home for the final home game and senior day. Our destiny is still in our control but we will need to play our best football of the season to reach those lofty goals. But lets enjoy our last tailgate in Ann Arbor for the year before we inevitably head in our own directions until next fall. Go Blue! Grab the Ring!!

        Can't Read, Can't Write, Can't Add.... When you score a touchdown and are down by seven before the extra point, you do not go for two. There is no point or benefit. I'm glad it blew up in their face. But we got out of EL with a win although it was not quite a satisfying as I had hoped. Our Wolverines handled most of the game running thru three sparty quarterbacks. The defense tough once it came out of its basic sets of the opening drive. The offense was efficient picking apart the msu defense with long drives. Now we head into November with everything in front of us for the taking.

    STAEE Week.... The Wolverines took care of business early in their homecoming game against Illinois scoring on their first three drives while holding the opponent to the expected zero. No bye-week rust for our boys in blue. So now we travel up the road to face our in-state rival, a team that has been struggling. From the number of Wolverine fans I hear are heading to the game, it seems as if the sparty fans have given up on their team and dumped their tickets. Never can tell with this game but I want this one really bad!! Go Blue!!!

        On The Road.... Was out of country for the week so a bit behind in my updates. But what is left to say about a total domination by our boys in maize and blue. The Wolverines were in total control on both sides of the ball, manhandling the line of scrimmage. The road depth chart was empty by the end of the game which let the younger players get some playing time against what is suppose to be an actual B1G team. After a week off for both the team and the tailgating, it will be back to the action as the Illini come in for homecoming. Hopefully we get a little bit healthier for the stretch run of the second half of the season and three of our last five games on the road.

        B1G Battle.... It was a good old fashion B1G battle of the trenches. Although our Wolverines out gained the Badgers, all the Michigan fans were on edge right up to the end of the game. One fluke play and we're heading for overtime where anything can go wrong. But the big play at the end of the game had everyone with their mouths open asking whether they just saw what would become the top play for the sports weekend. The defense was solid again causing one punt after another. On offense, we got plenty of yards against a very good Wisconsin defense but just couldn't get the points that would have given us some comfort. Now its out on the road for the first time this season and I'm looking forward to a break from the groundhog day weekends of watching the weather reports, making the food, setting up in the near dark, checking the utensil bins, packing everything away and cleaning everything up on Sunday for the past five weeks. Time for revenge in Jersey! Go Blue!!

        We Own.... It was a dominating game on both sides of the ball, all phases actually. Run game was the best so far this season although against a depleted PSU front seven. The defense held down the lions causing them wave the white flag and kick a field goal when they were already down by multiple scores. Now its time for the last game of the homestand against a surprising Wisconsin team. Forecast is calling for another rainy day which may result in a good old smashmouth B1G game. Gotta admit though, I'm looking forward to the break from the weekly tailgates.

        Ditto Below.... Another even rainier tailgate day broke just before kickoff but the football team looked like they came out playing in their galoshes. Down 14 less than four minutes into the game, the Wolverines again struggled with their inside run game. But give them credit as they took the lead into halftime and then pulled away in the second half. Plenty to work on again as we head into the B1G season including a kicking game that would have allowed us to cover if they had been good. Missed assignments on defense lead to big plays but lot of key personnel were missing. The games get a lot more interesting but the string of consecutive tailgates doesn't stop. I'm just hoping the string of wet tailgates has ended.

        Looked Sloppy.... On a wet and gray day, the Wolverines looked uninterested against a lower tier opponent. While UCF stacked ten guys at the line to stop the run, you would expect we could have still had some type of rushing game. At least the coaches will have the players' ear all week in practice as we start playing upper tier teams and head into the B1G season. Next game should tell us more about where we stand as we see repeated replays of the Hail Mary pass Chuck Winters couldn't find a way to knock down. A more relaxed tailgate this week as we have some time before the late kickoff.

        Aloha Football!.... Our Wolverines giving away 41, I was not going take that bet with anyone. But they passed that spread early and never looked back. A ton of players got experience on the field in the Big House which bodes well for the future. Players I had no idea were on the two deep contributed with career games. After a starting hiccup, Speight (who didn't think was going to be the starter) was nearly flawless. And the defense just flies all over the place. Opposing offenses should be kept off balance all season as they are never going to know where the pressure will come from. So we head into week two against the school from Orlando. A few seasons ago they were in a major bowl. Last couple, not so much. Come on out early for our character breakfast at the Magic Kingdom!! Go Blue!

        Game Week.... Little information is coming out of Schembechler Hall but its game week and everyone is counting down the days to the first tailgate and kickoff. Looks like we won't find out who the starting QB will be until kickoff. Cleaning up the tailgate equipment as we get ready for five straight home tailgates to start the season. Lots of great college football this first weekend. Hoping for a nice day to hang out and watch some football after we take care of the Rainbow Warriors. Come out early, stay late.

        Football (and Tailgate) Season Is Almost Here.... Lot of hype coming from all kinds of publications and from all parts of the country. Season two of the Harbaugh era has plenty of anticipation and probably some extreme expectations. Five straight home tailgates to open the season should allow whoever wins the quarterback competition to settle into a groove. Defense should be stellar and the offensive line finally has some experience and depth. Everybody is looking forward to it so lets get it rolling. Come on out early for the tailgate and stay for the beautiful September evening! Go Blue!!       


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