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"The Spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways;
an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world’s distant outposts;
a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.”
— Fielding Yost

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        Good Road Victory.... Well, the hurricane never made its way to Maryland but I liked the earlier game time just the same. The Wolverines got off to a slow start and we all thought the game was going to be another road test. Turns out our defense is pretty good and the harried the turtles all day long. One three and out after another. It was especially encouraging to get the ball back almost immediately after every one of our turnovers. Finally the offense broke a couple of big plays to pull away in the end. Next, a surprising Northwestern team comes to town with its own top ranked defense so if we see another low scoring affair, it will be as a result of the tough defenses, not the inept offenses of last year. It will be interesting to see what the Wildcats' freshman QB will be able to do against our in your face defense.

        Impressive And Encouraging.... I was expecting a tough game against BYU which was bringing to The Big House an offense which was averaging over 400 yards per game. They had no idea where our defense was coming from and the Wolverines got the shutout I expected the previous week. The offense got into just enough rhythm to score more than enough points with our team of running backs all contributing. Time for a roadtrip as the boys follow our Wolverines to the eastern seaboard for the B1G opener against Maryland. Sounds like there will be plenty of Michigan fans out for the game although the weather could hellacious. The road has not been good for the Wolverines in recent past so this will be a test. Lets hope the defense can continue to shut teams down.

        End Of Non-Conference Slate.... We close out the non-conference schedule against a tough BYU team and we have to get a lot better, especially on offense. We barely made half the spread against a small and outmanned UNLV team tossing away several opportunities to pull far away. The defense made plays and appears to be growing with each game. But a decent opposing defense will have its way against us if our Wolverines don't start making plays on offense. This week will be a good test and I have a feeling the team will put in the work needed to make those improvements. Hope to see you out at the tailgate on what I am hoping will finally be a dry Saturday.

        Eventually We Got It Going.... The first quarter raised some concerns as it looked a lot like the opening game, mistakes on offense, an inability to establish a running game and an opponent field long drive that put OSU out in front. But adjustments were made resulting in a grind it out decisive win for our Wolverines. There will be nothing flashy about the Wolverines as they try to wear down the opponents with a punishing attack on both sides of the ball. It all ended in a drizzle with a lopsided statistical margin. The Runnin' Rebels of UNLV come into town next for another noon kickoff. Hopefully we can get some other guys some playing time.

        Come Out Early.... We'll be set up at the usual time and with the early kickoff food will be heating up from the start. Check out the menu page of for the listing of Righteous Q we'll be serving both before and after the game. The forecast is for a truly fall day so it should very comfortable catching up with everyone. The New Era begins.

        Tailgate Time.... OK so week one wasn't so good. Same mistakes as last season resulted in a loss we have seen before. But it is time for the first tailgate of the season and I have been smokin' meat all weekend long. Hey, here is a thought....come out early on Saturday and enjoy the first tailgate of the season with your friends you haven't seen for several months. It will be a great day as we right this ship. Go Blue!!

        One Week.... Away from the opening of the college football season with, appropriately, our Michigan Wolverines. Not a whole lot of information coming out of the "submarine" but that provides me with a sense of comfort that it is all business inside Schembechler Hall. I'm getting a bit antsy a the first game grows closer and I tune up the tailgate trailer for the following week. The first game on the road will tell us plenty about the New Era of Wolverine football. More as the day approaches. Go Blue!

        Football Season Is Almost Here.... Heading into August which in the last couple of years has held the opener for the Wolverines. The Tailgate Trailer will soon be in the driveway for some pampering and upgrades. The Wolverines open up on the road which gives me a bit more time to get things ready. Come back for more regular updates as the month and season progresses! Go Blue!!       

        Spring Game.... Offense clearly still struggling but there is hope that the defense has continued to improve and could carry the team thru the early part of the season. Won't truly get a good idea of our strengths and weaknesses until the new players join the squad in the fall, including an experienced QB. But it was great to get out in a decent spring day to watch some football. Check out the pics on the photo page.     


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